To my delight, in the process of pursing this spiritual journey, I have discovered that this God, whom I am growing increasingly attached to, is even more than my Higher Power. He is my Highest Power! What is the difference between the two? This seemingly minor distinction has been life-changing for me!

I like visual imagery. Here are type analogies to describe my idea of Higher versus Highest. My Higher Power is like an expansive, strong umbrella — one so reliable that I know it will never tear at the edges or get whipped inside out, even in the nastiest wind! It’s comforting to picture my vulnerable self being safely sheltered when I’m caught in the rain.

My Highest Power is like a strikingly robust, weather-savvy figure that appears in the midst of the rain. To my surprise and relief, He leads me with a strong, confident arm to an inviting lodge that is warm and dry. A fire is glowing in the hearth. A hot drink is waiting for me next to an afghan-bedecked chair. I see a bountiful pile of logs being carried in by strong arms, each piece waiting its turn to kindle the fire that reassures me of my safety. My intuition tells me that this Host is trustworthy. He looks me honestly in the eye when we talk, but he is not over-bearing. I notice that He is gracious and considerate but not care-taking! He is sizable, but not the least bit threatening. His protection and strength fill me with a sense of serenity, and I cannot help but feel safe and secure.

The distinction is perhaps not so subtle. My image of my Higher Power was a good start for me… but it has grown into a much deeper, more personal relationship — one that I am grateful to say has become the most meaningful relationship in my life. I have been led out of the storm and into a protective, nurturing refuge — the home of the Highest Power in the cosmos.

Reprinted from the Winter 2009 issue of S-Anews©.

 December 30, 2019

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