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You are not alone.

The S-Anon 12 Step program provides support for family & friends of sex addicts.

Have you been hurt by
another person’s compulsive sexual behavior?

  • Feeling betrayed? Embarrased?
  • Doubting yourself or your sanity?
  • Worried it may be your fault?
  • Does life feel unmanageable?

We understand.

The S-Anon program helps you connect with others who have felt the painful effects of someone else's sex addiction and have found a way forward.

Our members know
the painful effects of
someone else's sex addiction.

We have all been impacted by the effects of another person’s sexual behavior. We are here to tell you that peace and serenity are possible.



Alicia R.


“It took weeks to conquer my fears and resentment but I finally walked through the door into a meeting. I heard someone say, ‘Yeah, I know how you feel,’ and I discovered that they really do. I’m going to keep going back.”

Markus M.


“I could not have healed from the shame in my life without looking into other people’s eyes, seeing the nodding of their heads, and hearing that others had been where I was.”

Elizabeth F.


“Finding others out there like me and going to meetings has changed my outlook on life.
S-Anon has helped me to gradually gain independence, self-confidence, and a serenity I never thought possible.

Phone support is also available. Please email [email protected] for the Phone Support List of S-Anon men and women willing to speak with you.


There is a path to serenity.

Find a Meeting

Meetings are held all around the United States, Canada, and in many other countries. Hear from others going through the same thing or share your story to begin the healing process.

Read the Literature

Reading our literature is an important way to understand the effects upon us of sex addiction and begin the road to recovery and peaceful living.

Find Serenity

Begin working the 12 Steps of S-Anon and discover that there is hope for changing our own lives. You can recover the feeling of joy.

Find a meeting near you.

Meetings are a great way to hear the experience, strength, and hope of others in a no-pressure, confidential setting. View a list of available meetings to find one that is right for you.

Literature we suggest.

Reflections of Hope

A daily meditation book which speaks to our experiences and reflects the hope that comes from banding together to solve our common problems.

S-Anon Twelve Steps

Describes each step, and how to apply them to our lives. We have found these spiritual principles provide a framework for rediscovering hope and joy.

Working the S-Anon Program

A collection of shares on how we experienced spiritual and emotional growth by using the tools of the S-Anon program in a variety of situations.

Elena S.


“I get a lot out of regularly reading program literature like Reflections of Hope. I read until something strikes me as being ‘right-on’ for where I am today. Then I think about what that means to me.”

James B.


“Literature has been a lifeline for me. The stories reminds me that I am not alone and that there are others like me who have faced and overcome the same struggles, depression, and pain, and who can offer me experience, strength, and hope.”

Taylor K.


“Though there are many relationship self-help books commercially available, none of them capture the essence of my struggle like S-Anon literature, which is written by S-Anon members for S-Anon members. While reading these books, I relate to many common experiences.”

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