What is S-Ateen?
When Did S-Ateen Begin?
How does S-Ateen relate to S-Anon organizationally?
Who attends S-Ateen Meetings?
Are S-Ateen meetings considered Closed Meetings?
Can S-Ateen members attend S-Anon meetings?



Q. What is S-Ateen?

S-Ateen is a fellowship of young people, ages 12 to 19, whose lives have been affected by sexaholism in a family member or friend. S-Ateen members focus on principles of recovery founded upon the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of S-Ateen.


Q. When Did S-Ateen Begin?

The first face to face S-Ateen meeting was held in Clinton Township, Michigan, on November 1, 1996. There were three teenagers and two adult S-Ateen Group Sponsors at that first meeting. The S-Ateen Online Community went live October 2015 and is hosted on a secure, private server. This interactive site continues to evolve with the growth of the S-Ateen fellowship, nationally and internationally, offering S-Ateen members from across the globe access to weekly meetings, S-Ateen readings, daily meditations, an S-Ateen Step Study meeting format, a weekly topic for discussion, and more.


Q. How does S-Ateen relate to S-Anon organizationally?

According to the S-Anon World Service Charter, “The term S-Anon includes S-Ateen.” While S-Ateen is a separate fellowship from S-Anon, both fall under the umbrella of the S-Anon International Family Groups. The Charter continues stating, “Therefore, the above Charter applies to all registered groups, including S-Ateen.”A copy of the S-Anon World Service Charter may be found in the S-Anon/S-Ateen Service Manual (SSSM). The SSSM is a helpful resource that explains how groups work, service structures, meeting formats, and Conference Approved readings.

S-Ateen members began attending S-Anon International Conventions in 1997. They have shared during unrecorded and recorded speaker sessions at local recovery events, regional and International Conventions. S-Ateen shares have also been included in S-Anon literature such as S-Anews issues, Working the S-Anon Program, and Reflections of Hope.


Q. Who attends S-Ateen Meetings?

Sexaholism affects all family members, including children. S-Ateen offers age-appropriate meetings designed to offer healing and recovery for young people, ages 12 to 19, in a safe and consistent environment. To ensure compliance with S-Ateen Safety Guidelines as well as S-Ateen Service Literature (L-12ST and L-22ST), whether face to face or via the S-Ateen Online Community, only S-Ateen members and certified S-Anon Members in S-Ateen Service (SMISS) are welcome to attend S-Ateen meetings.  SMISS are trained and screened, including personal references and background checks, for this specific type of service work.


Q. Are S-Ateen meetings considered Closed Meetings?

S-Ateen meetings are age-appropriate Twelve Step recovery meetings designed specifically to address the needs of young people, ages 12 to 19, no matter their race, religion, gender, or other categorical identity. The only requirement for membership is that the S-Ateen member has been affected by sexaholism in a relative, friend, or other individual. S-Ateen members as well as S-Ateen Group Sponsors (SMISS) speak only to and from the S-Ateen point of view. As such, S-Ateen meetings are considered “Closed Meetings. “

Those wishing to learn more about S-Ateen meetings are welcome to attend Open S-Ateen Information meetings and/or Open Meetings specific to S-Ateen and family recovery. Another good resource on S-Ateen meetings is the booklet “What It’s Like To Be Me” (P-9ST) written completely by S-Ateen members on what it is like for them ‘before and after’ attending S-Ateen meetings.


Q. Can S-Ateen members attend S-Anon meetings?

S-Ateen members may attend S-Anon meetings provided they are seeking their own personal recovery from the effects of sexaholism in a relative or friend. S-Ateen members have been attending S-Anon meetings since 1996, as well as S-Anon meetings at local recovery events, regional and International Conventions since 1997.

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