Along the Journey: The Story of S-Anon’s First Forty Years



The story of the collective spiritual journey of the S-Anon fellowship from its beginning in 1983, documenting the challenges and triumphs of its growth through 2023.

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This book describes the formation and development of the S-Anon fellowship, beginning with its inception in 1983 when six individuals with a common problem first came together. As of 2023, S-Anon has become a worldwide Twelve Step fellowship for all those who have been affected by the sex addiction of a family member or friend.

Along the Journey: The Story of S-Anon’s First Forty Years provides insight into the early and formative years of the S-Anon program, shares historical documents, describes historical events, includes stories of challenges and progress, and chronicles the growth of our fellowship. The book also includes members’ personal memories of S-Anon’s history and questions for reflection throughout each chapter.

This book offers an opportunity to inspire personal recovery through learning about and studying S-Anon’s challenges and progress during its first forty years.

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