S-Anon is a Twelve-Step program of recovery that can be a source of hope and help for those affected by the sexual behavior of another person. Every member determines for him/herself whether or not he/she belongs in S-Anon; no referral is needed.  The following information is excerpted from our pamphlet, “Information for Professionals about S-Anon and S-Ateen Family Groups“,  which is available as a free download from the online store.

What is S-Anon?

  • S-Anon is a fellowship of the relatives and friends of sexaholics (persons addicted to sexual behaviors) who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems.
  • S-Anon is a program of recovery adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous and based on the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, and the Twelve Concepts of Service.
  • S-Anon is a fellowship requiring no dues or fees for membership. S-Anon is self-supporting through member contributions.
  • The only requirement for membership is that a person is affected by the sexual behavior of another person.
  • S-Anon’s primary purpose is to help families and friends of sexaholics.
  • S-Anon is an anonymous program. All members are asked to respect each other’s anonymity, that is, to keep in confidence what is said and who is seen at an S-Anon meeting.

What is S-Ateen?

  • S-Ateen is a Twelve Step program for teenagers who have been affected by the sexual behavior of a relative or friend.
  • S-Ateen groups follow S-Anon’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and principles.
  • S-Ateen groups are conducted separately from S-Anon groups, and are guided by adult S-Anon sponsors.

S-Anon/S-Ateen Groups Are Not:

  • S-Anon and S-Ateen groups are not counseling or therapy groups. We do not give advice; we share with the group as a whole, rather than addressing comments or questions to individual members.
  • S-Anon and S-Ateen groups do not recommend, discuss, or mention names of therapists, treatment centers, or other professionals during a meeting.
  • S-Anon and S-Ateen groups do not discuss or endorse any specific religious point of view. S-Anon and S-Ateen are spiritual programs, but the principles are useful to all, regardless of faith or creed.
  • S-Anon and S-Ateen groups are not focused on gossiping, criticizing, or staying stuck in the problem. We are here to help ourselves and other group members by focusing on solutions to our problems, not the sexaholics’ problems.

You are now leaving the official website for S-Anon International Family Groups, Inc. This link is made available to provide information about local S-Anon & S-Ateen groups. By providing this link we do not imply review, endorsement or approval of the linked site. Thank you for visiting www.sanon.org. We hope that you have found the information you were seeking.

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