Adult Child of a Sexaholic

May 13, 2024

My father’s sexaholism had a profound impact on me. I lived under a cloud of impending disaster, even when things were going fine. I couldn’t see the harmful effects on my life of living with and reacting to that dread....

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Achieving Balance

Feb 26, 2024

When I began my recovery, my children were all in elementary school. Our home had an atmosphere of tension and insecurity.I was bound and determined to be the perfect mother—loving, compassionate, understanding—but I really did not know how to manifest...

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Hoping in a Higher Power

Dec 25, 2023

The only solution to my fear, my desire to control and my feelings of victimization has been to live one minute at a time and to act as if I trust God, even when I don’t. I look back on...

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Finding Help

Nov 27, 2023

When I heard "keep coming back" at the end of meetings, I felt the tug to come back even though I felt discouraged with my situation. I came back (trudged back) and found help and friendship. Now I am aware...

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Reconciliation and Healing

Sep 26, 2023

One of the first things I had to deal with in recovery was my overwhelming shame and guilt over how my part in this disease affected my children. At that point, they were already grown up; one of my children...

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Step 7: Humbly Asked Him to Remove our Shortcomings

Aug 8, 2023

Step Seven requires faith. Just as we came to believe in Step Two that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity, so we came to believe in Step Seven that God could remove our shortcomings. We found...

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