S-Anon Literature: Learning More About S-Anon

S-Anon provides a variety of literature to help you understand how the program works and how you can begin healing. All of our literature is written by S-Anon members and offers our common experience about recovery from the family disease of sex addiction. S-Anon books, as well as some booklets, are available in both print and e-book formats. Printed copies of S-Anon literature, and links to purchase our e-books, are available through our online store at www.sanon.org/store.

For new members, we offer the free Newcomer Welcome Packet, which provides information such as:

  • Recommended literature
  • An overview of the S-Anon program
  • Member experiences and stories


For additional support for those new to S-Anon, we offer the booklet We’re Glad You’re Here–Helpful Information for the Newcomer. It provides helpful information on how S-Anon meetings and groups work and includes some of the S-Anon Meeting Readings used at S-Anon meetings.

S-Anon Twelve Steps outlines each of the Twelve Steps and includes Step descriptions, member stories, and specific ways members have worked through some of their recovery issues. Each chapter also has questions suitable for individual writing and reflection or discussion with others to guide members through each Step. This book is designed to help members begin to apply the principles of the Twelve Steps to their lives to recover from the effects of another’s sexaholism.

Working the S-Anon Program is another important resource that explains how to use various tools of the S-Anon Program to stay focused on your path to recovery. The book provides information on how members have been able to find healing in their relationship with the sexaholic, family members, and others, learning to trust once again.

Reflections of Hope contains daily meditations and readings for anyone affected by another person’s sexual behavior.  This collection of readings reflects the hope that comes from putting the principles of the S-Anon Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions into practice and is written by S-Anon members.

S-Anon books, as well as some booklets, are available in both print and e-book formats. Printed copies of S-Anon literature and links to purchase our e-books are available through our online store at www.sanon.org/store.


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