Able to Meet My Own Needs

Apr 8, 2024

One way that I can be personally self-supporting is to stop my self-defeating behaviors. When I first came to S-Anon, I did not recognize that expecting my spouse to read my mind and take care of me was self-defeating. I...

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Reclaiming Me

Jan 22, 2024

At the time I found out that my spouse was an active sexaholic, I was a new mom, jobless, and nearly devoid of my own identity. My only definition of myself revolved around my family. Having a spouse who was...

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Balance in Unity and Freedom

Oct 23, 2023

I have spent a great deal of time either being too focused on unity or acting with too much independence. My S-Anon problem manifested itself in both ways. In unbalanced unity, I abandoned myself for the benefit of another or...

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Understanding Primary Purpose

Jul 24, 2023

When I first came to S-Anon, I had no understanding of the term “primary purpose” and how I could apply that in many situations to make my life more serene. After my spouse and I both started attending recovery meetings,...

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Discovering Our Own Value

May 22, 2023

For some of us, having a sense of personal autonomy can be a challenge. Before recovery, we might have been so focused on what others thought of us that we only identified ourselves as part of a couple, part of...

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Reaching out for Help

Mar 27, 2023

I remember sitting quietly and listening as my sexaholic partner told me about S-Anon, a program that could help me. On the outside I was courteous, while on the inside I felt like I wanted to explode. I could see...

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