A Kinship With My Higher Power

Aug 24, 2020

My faith was an important part of my life long before I came to the S-Anon program. It gave me strength and encouragement when I divorced and became a single parent, began to work full-time, and tried to juggle a...

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Admitting My Unmanageability and Returning to Living

Jul 13, 2020

My first husband left me for a younger woman, leaving me with a sense of personal failure. I decided that my mistake had been marrying a man with “poor values” — alcoholism, materialism, and bizarre sexual preferences. So I decided...

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Powerless But Not Helpless

Jun 29, 2020

When I first came to S-Anon, I could readily admit my unmanageability. I was working two jobs because most of my husband’s income went to support his sexual acting out or to one new business scheme after another. Even though...

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Surrender Leads to Freedom

Jan 27, 2020

Step Three suggests that we make a decision to surrender our lives, one day at a time, to our Higher Power, and for most of us this involved both a formal decision and a process. We first made a decision...

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Coming to Believe

Dec 16, 2019

In Step One we finally accepted that we could not recover alone. But who could help us out of the emptiness created when we admitted our own powerlessness over sexaholism? At this point, some of us were tempted to fill...

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Hit Your Knees

Sep 9, 2019

My parents were not religious at all, and I was brought up with more of an ethnic and cultural identity than a religious one. When I met the man I would marry, I found that his family was much more...

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