Spiritual Awakenings

Feb 7, 2022

During one weekend visit from my mother, I sat at my kitchen table just as the sun began to embrace the day. I had risen extra early to be able to read my meditation books before any one else got...

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Realizing My Own Unmanageability

Dec 13, 2021

I came to S-Anon based on a clear ultimatum from my wife — make some changes now or she was leaving. Despite her recovery and sexual sobriety and my attendance at meetings of another Twelve Step fellowship, according to her,...

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Surrendering My Life

Oct 4, 2021

After being in S-Anon 18 months, I found out my spouse had been acting out the entire time he had been “in recovery.” I hit a new bottom, going through depression, panic attacks, grief, and loss of the sexual intimacy...

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Acquiring Faith

Aug 8, 2021

We used to think we could only trust ourselves, and most of us have plenty of good reasons to have developed that philosophy. But in our current attempts to live in healthy adult relationships, we are beginning to see that...

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Picture of Sanity

May 24, 2021

The only word I noticed in Step Two for a very long time was “sanity.” It stood out like a neon billboard, blocking the “came to believe” part. Why was that word there? What did it mean? The word “restore”...

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Surrendering Our Will and Our Lives

Apr 5, 2021

Our understanding of our Higher Power is not really a matter of logic. Few of us can be reasoned or argued into faith. Belief in a wise, powerful and loving God usually comes from seeing a Higher Power at work...

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