Trusting the Process of Recovery

Sep 7, 2020

During those first months in recovery, when my life seemed so chaotic, I was sharing with an S-Anon friend when I used this image to describe how I was feeling. I was blessed with her wise response. The image: “I...

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Detaching with Love and Compassion

Jul 27, 2020

After I ended my relationship with my partner, I received a call from him in which he described how much pain he was in. My previous response would have been to rescue him, but while he was talking, I remembered...

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Detaching from and Attaching to

May 18, 2020

Sexaholism existed in my family as far back as my great-grandfather. He sexually abused my mother and many of her siblings and cousins. His wife, my great-grandmother, overdosed on pain pills shortly after he was caught molesting a neighbor’s child....

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The Power of Healthy Choices

Apr 20, 2020

Long before joining S-Anon, isolation was a way of life for me. Isolating myself from others perpetuated my magical thinking that maybe things would get better at home. Consequently, I did not face my fears and take responsibility for my...

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Good Enough

Apr 6, 2020

After working the S-Anon program for some time, I realized my fear of abandonment had influenced my attitudes and actions my entire life. My father died when I was very young. This was clearly the root of why I continued...

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True Colors

Mar 8, 2020

I learned in school that leaves are only green because of photosynthesis. Their true colors come forth in the fall when the light is reduced and photosynthesis ceases. This image from nature is helpful in understanding my recovery in S-Anon....

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