Long before joining S-Anon, isolation was a way of life for me. Isolating myself from others perpetuated my magical thinking that maybe things would get better at home. Consequently, I did not face my fears and take responsibility for my choices. Isolation and ignoring the effects of living with sexaholism enabled me to hide from the reality of my life and the unproductive way I was parenting my daughter. Isolation had become an unhealthy habit.

S-Anon gave me back the power of healthy choices. Now I can choose to reach out by calling my sponsor regularly, and I encourage my sponsees to do the same. I volunteer for service at meetings, which gives me that extra nudge to show up and break my isolation. There are other options too. I can have the World Service Office put me in contact with S-Anons in other communities. I can attend S-Anon Conventions, where I am reminded that my local group and I are connected to a bigger fellowship. Writing a daily Tenth Step increases my awareness of what is happening inside me, and helps clear up little misunderstandings that motivate my isolation. I can use the slogans: “This Too Shall Pass” and “How Important Is It?”

Most importantly, I can ask my Higher Power for help when I wake up and remember to say “Thank you” to God before I fall asleep. Isolating complicates my life. Choosing to stay out of isolation through working my program helps me “Keep It Simple.”

Reprinted from S-Anon’s Reflections of Hope, page 105.

 April 20, 2020

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