The gratitude I have for this program also leads me to carry the message by making an extra effort to welcome newcomers and to help them understand the program. Whether it is answering the phone line, leading a newcomers’ meeting or making a point to warmly greet newcomers before and after meetings, I try to remember that carrying the message is the primary purpose of our fellowship. Without the newcomer, S-Anon would eventually cease to exist. On a personal level, I know that the painful stories of the newcomer remind me of the importance of continuing to work the program in my own life.

Working my program also means that I carry the message through sponsorship and service work in general. Doing anything I can to contribute, no matter how small, helps to carry the message and enhance my recovery as long as I give freely without expectations or strings attached. I have learned so much through sponsoring others in this program: a deeper understanding of the Steps and Traditions, increased awareness of my own strengths and defects, a growing confidence that God will guide my sponsorship if I ask, etc. Carrying the message has strengthened my own recovery and helped me realize the gifts of the S-Anon program, especially my ability to give and receive love.

I am forever grateful that someone was there for me when I desperately needed the help and hope of S-Anon. That gratitude motivates me to continue to carry the message of my own recovery to other family members and friends of sexaholics who want the help of the S-Anon program.

Reprinted from S-Anon Twelve Steps, page 150.


 June 3, 2019

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